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Our game cards are used by viewers during College Bowl games, Super Bowl, college and pro football games, college and pro basketball games, NASCAR racing, ice hockey, golf, soccer, rugby, and many more sports.

~ 10-Line Strip Cards ~
Use for any Sport!

The first step is to have each person fill their name on any blank line. Once all of the lines are filled in, scratch off the tab next to the names to reveal each person's "number". Now you're ready to play! Typically each game card is played by awarding a winner at the end of each quarter for football.

10 line strip cards

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~ Big Game 25 Squares Pool ~

Designed for small gatherings, our compact and easy to use, BIG GAME 25 SQUARES POOL card is printed with gold scratch off covering all scoring numbers. Simple. Each player gets 2 numbers per team. Played the same way as our 100 square game. Just sign ‘em up and get scratching!

Big Game 25 Squares Pool

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Our game cards are used by viewers during popular events like:

  • The Super Bowl
  • College Bowl Games
  • College and Pro Football games
  • College and Pro Basketball games
  • NASCAR Racing
  • Hockey, Golf, Baseball, Rugby and Soccer!

BGSC gaming cards offer flexible and easy ways to raise the excitement level of sports viewing, making every game a BIG GAME! Each game card is easy to use, and lets any group of people create an “Instant Pool” for almost any sport.

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