Q: What phone number can I call to get help?
A: Please contact us only through email at

Q: What are Big Game Sports Cards?
A: Big Game Sports Cards are game cards (or pool cards) that have been designed so anyone watching a sporting event can really get involved by participating in an "Instant Pool" with their friends. Big Game Sports Cards create excitement and make every game a BIG GAME!

Q: Is it possible to get a sample game card?
A: Sure, please contact a customer service representative for more details. (*not all gaming cards can be given out as samples)

Q: Can I order by mail?
A: Sure, just download our PDF form from our Shipping & Returns page.

Q: May I make a suggestion or offer a gaming idea?
A: We are always open to our customer's suggestions and ideas. Please feel free to email us directly at We always do our best to respond to our customers' needs.

Q: Do you offer affiliate programs?
A: YES, we are open to learning more about interested companies and organizations we feel will benefit from developing a working relationship with Big Game Sports Cards, Inc. and the products we manufacture.


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