10-line Sports Strip Cards

10-line Sports Strip Cards
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Product Information
  • Sold in packs of 100 cards
  • Includes new plastic pouches for free!
  • 100 Different versions per pack – NO DUPLICATES GUARANTEED!
  • Easy “SCRATCH OFF” reveals hidden numbers and BONUS number
  • NO see through or peek-a-boos
  • No sporting experience required!
  • Can be used for many different sports

How to play the 10 LINE FOOTBALL STRIP CARD (Football Gaming Card)

  • The first step is to have each person fill their name on any blank line.
  • Once all of the lines are filled in, scratch off the tab next to the names to reveal each person's "number". Now you're ready to play!
  • Typically each game card is played by awarding a winner at the end of each quarter for football.
  • You can also award a winner for each half or period depending on the sport.
  • To declare a winner, add the second digit from both teams together, this will give you the winning number.
  • Example - The score is 14-3... Add 4 + 3= 7... so the player with the number 7 is the winner.

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